Oriental Blossom Time Cushion


Oriental Blossom Time Cushion

Hand sculptured and engraved solid 18 Kt. yellow gold watch case,
set with 100 full cut diamonds and one round cut padparadscha as marker on aperture at 12 o’clock for digital time display, mechanical selfwinding nickel lever movement, digital time display by revolving disk


The Padparadscha

Just what is in a name? Plenty when it comes to the jewel known as padparadscha. The debate over its use pits those who believe that romantic terms are vital sales aids against others afraid that buyers will be taken advantage of if the padparadscha brush is too broad. But before getting into that, let’s look at the root word of our padparadscha.

padparadscha sapphire, pink sapphire vs. ruby

The ideal color of a padparadscha has been described by some as the marriage between a Sri Lankan lotus flower and a sunset, each shown above
Today, many narrowly define padparadscha as a Sri Lankan sapphire of delicate pinkish orange color. But the original use of the term was somewhat different.

Padparadscha is derived from the Sanskrit/Singhalese padma raga (padma = lotus; raga = color), a color akin to the lotus flower (Nelumbo Nucifera ‘Speciosa’).

PDF sheet: Oriental Blossoms Time Cushion