Cup Timepiece - Metiers d'Art Verre Églomisé

The "Cup" watch case has been added to the Collection. All Verre Ègloisé Timepieces are  now also available with this watch case. The different to the Henagon watch case is that the bezel is wider, flat and polished while the side is satin finished. Further on, the Verre Églimisé miniature is executed on the reverse of an inner sapphire crystal, underneath a double curved sapphire protection crystal.

Verre Eglomisé is a term used to describe the art of cold painting and gilding on the reverse of glass.  The glass can be painted, gilded with gold, silver or metal leaf using a gelatine adhesive.  A beautiful mirror-like, reflective finish can be achieved, in which designs can be engraved or the leaf chemically treated to create special design effects. The technique dates back to the pre-Roman eras, but its name is derived from 18th century French decorator Jean-Baptise Glomy who is responsible for its popularity today.

in 2004, Angular Momentum has developed a technique of painting on the reverse of the sapphire crystal or sapphire dial of a timepiece. The technique is that of arranging finely calibrated color pigments in special oil. Angular Momentum is the only company in the world applying this exclusive and rare art.

„There are no two identical Verre Èglomisé Timepieces in the world. Every „Verre Èglomisé Timepiece“, created and manufactured in our ateliers is unique and differs either in theme, size, material, form or function“.


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