Illum Timepieces

High quality water sports watches with "Champlevé Èmail Lumineuse" dials and plique é jour hands. The "Illum" timepieces are entirely manufactured on demand, thethree -body constructed watch cases are made on demand in case diametersof  37.00 mm and 42.00 mm. These timepieces are entirely manufactured in our atelier from 1.4435NcU "Staybrite" stainless steel by hand and hand operated machines

Email Lumineuse

The Èmail Lumineuse is a recent development of Angular Momentum and a fusion of enamel and a non-radioactive substance which is in the position to glow for many hours after being loaded under light for a period of 10 minutes. The Èmail Lumineuse is only available in "Aqua Blue" and quick loading "Pale Green". The luminous powder was gained from oyster powder after an old 17th century process. Slight Irregularities and color differences are unavoidably

Staybrite® 1.4435 NCu represents a new alloy composition, which has been developed to meet the advanced requirements of the high-end Swiss watch industry. It is a Swiss made stainless steel and is considered the best purest steel which dominate the stainless steel world of today.

Illum Aqua Gents

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