Zirconium Timepiece

The "Zirconium" timepieces are entirely manufactured on demand, the four-body constructed watch cases are made from pure Zirconium metal in a case diameter of 38.00 mm. These timepieces are entirely manufactured in our atelier by hand and hand operated machines

Zirconium has high affinity to oxygen that facili- tates the formation of a protective oxide film which result a high corrosion resistant in the most acids. Zirconium is used in various applications in the nu- clear industry. Furthermore in the chemical indus- try for valves, pumps, tubes and heat exchanger as well in the medical industry for the reason that zir- conium is biocompatible and non-toxic. Zirconium has the fourth lowest electronegativity, It‘s hardness (Mohs 5) is slightly below stainless steel

Zirconium 702

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