2024 - Year of the Dragon

2024 Year of the Dragon

The Dragon is one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, with its own astrological personality and symbolism. Apart from that, in Chinese culture, dragons symbolize imperial power, good fortune, power over weather and water, and a pioneering spirit.

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11/19/2023 Bioluminescence & Watchmaking see detail
11/19/2023 La Collection Émail Lumineuse see detail
01/15/2018 Angular Momentum Indigo Bronze see detail
10/25/2013 Europastar Article see detail
02/09/2013 Polyphemos - Steampunk Timepiece see detail
01/20/2013 Angular Momentum's Tamamushi Timepiece see detail
11/12/2012 Iron Pocket Watch or "The Beauty of Iron surfaces" see detail
09/01/2012 Poetic Interworlds - „The Hidden Snake“ see detail
07/15/2012 Zirconium Timepiece see detail