Iron Pocket Watch or "The Beauty of Iron surfaces"

Iron Pocket Watch or "The Beauty of Iron surfaces" - Angular Momentum of Switzerland & Manu Propria

For many years I have been fascinated by beautiful iron objects made by Japanese artisans during the past centuries. Differently to other cultures of the world, Japanese artisans have found their ideal method to prevent iron and steel from rusting while using the rust itself as a protecting surface. Doubtless that the creation of beautiful surfaces have met the aesthetic sense of the culture. This method has intensively been executed on sword furniture

Inspired by this method I have made a pocket watch with an iron case. "Tetsu" Iron pocket watch case, 55.00 mm diameter, rust sealed, sapphire crystal, fitting for cord gold doublee, gold doublee stainless steel back with sapphire crystal, gold dust and black urushi lacquer on the reverse, historical hand-winding movement caliber FHF 96. The dial urushi lacquer imitating „same“ ray skin. Completely hand made in the atelier