Special Offer Revolving-Disk-System (Patent 686988)

Revolving-Disk-System (Patent 686988)

During the Basel Fair in 1999, Angular Momentum presented its first collection of watches with the patented Revolving Disk System (R.D.S.). The technical patent CH686988) provides that the hands are replaced with rotating disks, disks for hour, minute and second. Within this concept there are many possible applications.

In this offer you will find fife different watches with RDS technology, three models with hour and minute hands (RDS) and two models with hour disc only (à souscription), which works like a single-hand watch.

Retail price for all Models CHF/USD 2'300.-

Special price for all Models CHF/USD 1'340.-

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Special Offer Revolving-Disk-System (Patent 686988)